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Roy’s Quantum Touch Level One workshops offer you an important building block to learning the entire Quantum Touch Healing System.

Quantum Touch is a powerful Quantum Healing technique that works with the body’s Life Force Energy to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as Qi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings. Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of emotional and physical benefits.

Quantum Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organs, glands and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns and so much more. This amazing form of Energy Healing is also incredibly easy to use on all forms of “emotional” issues. Sleep can be improved, the immune system improved and stress relieved. Grounding using Chakras assists in many forms of healing. Quantum touch is easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and a host of health and alternative healing professionals.

One of the many joys of this Healing Modality is that we truly don’t know the limits of what is possible. Your love has a tremendous impact to benefit those around you.

Quantum Touch empowers us to take responsibility for our health. All healing is self-healing and we all have the power within us to create optimal wellness.

Working with Life Force Energy – a universal vibration of love and well-being. We believe Life Force Energy is at the heart of all self-healing and Quantum Touch teaches us how to focus this energy to improve our health and well-being. As a Health Coach Quantum Touch is an amazing tool for overall better health and lifestyle.

Quantum Touch®

Courses will normally be held at Horn Hill Village Hall

Date Time Notes
Sat 09 Dec 2023
to Sun 10 Dec 2023
10:00am to 4:00pm See the brochure
Sat 03 Feb 2024
to Sun 04 Feb 2024
09:30am to 4:30pm See the brochure
Sat 30 Mar 2024
to Sun 31 Mar 2024
09:30am to 4:30pm See the brochure
Sat 04 May 2024
to Sun 05 May 2024
09:30am to 4:30pm See the brochure
Sat 29 Jun 2024
to Sun 30 Jun 2024
09:30am to 4:30pm See the brochure
Sat 10 Aug 2024
to Sun 11 Aug 2024
09:30am to 4:30pm See the brochure
Quantum Touuch Level 1 Course
Quantum Touuch Level 1 Course group photo


I have had two amazing weekends with Roy on Quantum Touch Healing Courses. It was the first gateway of my Spiritual journey. Roy guided me to explore the power of healing for others as well as myself in a safe, calm and peaceful environment. It was inspiring and fascinating to feel such power and experience the healing process with loads of smiles, laughter and tears. Rita

It was fantastic. Thank you so much Roy. I have come back feeling energized and very excited about all that we have learnt. What a fascinating group of people on this course. Best wishes. Sarah

Roy’s workshop was a deeply healing and mind opening experience. I felt Roy held the weekend workshop really well and his humorous delivery made a lighthearted yet profound weekend. I have been in the healing/ bodywork world for 15 years and I am hard to impress but Roy made Quantum Touch one of the most effective energy modalities there are. The power of breath, intention and body awareness has already produced miraculous results for my clients. Thank you Roy.Pawel

Roy’s Quantum Touch workshop has given me a great deal of confidence. Thank you all who were involved in this magical weekend. Roy took the time to guide each individual in the class through each stage of the workshop, with kindness and a gentle manner. He has the patience of a saint, the direction of a laser and the ability of a true inspirational leader, giving reassurance where needed. Lucia

Roy, thank you again for this amazing weekend. You made it just perfect. Your kindness, your love of people, your humour and passion for healing are gifts that God has bestowed on you. I feel so energised, uplifted just being in your presence. Louisa

If you have ever thought of embarking on a journey that will bring you knowledge, understanding and belief, the person you would want to take you on that journey is Roy Sunley. His delivery of Quantum Touch and Quantum Training is exceptional. I have now embarked on this journey with Roy twice and on both occassions have come away feeling enlightened, thirsty for more and confident to carry out what I have been shown. I know Roy will continue to inspire me in my Journey as a Healer and Teacher. Emma Cope

Taking a Quantum touch Course with Roy feels like walking through that inner door where we can find all the gifts we were born with but we forgot about. It is an incredible experience to rediscover our healing skills with his calm and loving guidance. Roy leaves us with such a confident level of knowledge that our further journey with Quantum Touch comes effortlessly. With Roy this is so much more than a two-day learning curve - it is a real life changing experience Judit (Quantum Touch Instructor)

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Quantum Touch®
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  • Horn Hill Village Hall

This is where Roy will be running most of his courses.

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